Bombay Potatoes and Bug Biscuits!

3DC made pear and strawberry crumbles.

3WB cooked Bombay potatoes with FFS ingredients.

They invited their classmates to the cafe to try their dish.

Which was given the ‘thumbs up’!

RLS joined me this week to bake for their celebration event.

We baked some caterpillar cookies.

And some shortbread to make into ladybirds.

It was very exciting.

And we can’t wait until next Friday!

Powering through PowerPoint

This afternoon 3WB made huge progress in using PowerPoint to create a presentation about themselves.

Amaryllis developments!

Some interesting developments this week. After removing the leaves, plant A has produced a stem and it has started to grow over the last few days.  Plant B is still growing well.  Today some children wondered if it would stop growing taller and open up as a flower.  Some children wondered if it would bloom over the weekend.  We are looking forward to seeing it on Monday!


Plant B looks as if it is about to open.


The stem has become visible on plant A.

Growth on 27.1.17 Plant A: 6 cm Plant B: 56.5 cm

Growth on 27.1.17 Plant A: 6 cm Plant B: 56.5 cm

Our Amaryllis Bulbs have taken off!

On 20.1.17  Plant A’s leaves measured 30 cm but we noticed that the stem had started to grow and it measured 2 cm. Plant B measured 38 cm.


 We took a class vote and the class decided to cut off the leaves to see if this would help the stem of Plant A  grow more.  We took the class vote after learning about Democracy and voting.  Just as in a democracy, not everybody was happy with the outcome of the vote.

IMG_0784[1] IMG_0788[1]

We wonder what Plant A will look like on Monday?  Will cutting off the leaves affect the growth of the stem?  Will plant B grow taller?  Will we see any flowers?  Exciting times indeed!