Our Amaryllis Bulbs have taken off!

On 20.1.17  Plant A’s leaves measured 30 cm but we noticed that the stem had started to grow and it measured 2 cm. Plant B measured 38 cm.


 We took a class vote and the class decided to cut off the leaves to see if this would help the stem of Plant A  grow more.  We took the class vote after learning about Democracy and voting.  Just as in a democracy, not everybody was happy with the outcome of the vote.

IMG_0784[1] IMG_0788[1]

We wonder what Plant A will look like on Monday?  Will cutting off the leaves affect the growth of the stem?  Will plant B grow taller?  Will we see any flowers?  Exciting times indeed!

Amaryllis bulbs


On the 13.1.17  Plant A’s leaves were 24 cm and Plan B was 23 cm.  We observed that leaves only were growing in Plant A and the stem only was growing in Plant B.  We wondered why?


Values newsletter

Dear parents and carers,

Did you know that every two weeks a parents Values newsletter is added to the school’s website to help keep you informed about the values that we are doing in school? The values come from the “fruits of spirit” in the Bible (Galatians 5:22-23) and also from the Fundamental British Values that schools are required to promote. We hope you enjoy reading these newsletters together as a family and make time to have a family discussion about these to compliment the children’s learning in school.

Miss Mason


Art: ‘Starry Night’ in the style of Vincent Van Gogh

First we looked at the painting style of Vincent Van Gogh in his painting ‘Starry Night’.  We then tried to develop the same style of strokes to create our own ‘Starry Night’ paintings based on his work.


We concentrated on making similar swirly patterns.

IMG_0643[1] IMG_0642[1] IMG_0658[1] IMG_0663[1] IMG_0673[1]

We tried hard not to smudge the pastels.

IMG_0664[1] IMG_0666[1]

We think we recreated his style well!

IMG_0670[1] IMG_0671[1] IMG_0680[1] IMG_0679[1]IMG_0698[1]IMG_0700[1]IMG_0699[1]IMG_0697[1]

We thought our finished work looked pretty good.  We have artists in 3WB!

Our Class Trip to Herd Farm (on a very cold and snowy day!)

Our class visited Herd Farm to learn about, understand and appreciating the challenges of prehistoric life and the skills and ingenuity that were required to survive over 2,000 years ago.  We spent a day in an Iron Age Village and found out how our ancestors lived.  We took a walk through time to the Iron Age to look at materials and resources available to prehistoric people. We split up into groups and had the challenge to build a tee-pee den and to cover it in order to make it a wind and waterproof shelter. We needed it to be good as it was an incredibly cold day! It was quite tricky so we had to work as a team to make a successful den. After that we were shown some pre-historic tools and Liom got to chop some wood.  We were then taken to the Round Houses to see how Iron age people lived and settled.  We learnt how to make and weave a fence.  Again, we had to work in teams to succeed. After a well deserved lunch (and after it had snowed quite a bit), children got dressed up and put on their ‘war paint’ to get ready for target practice and went on a bit of a ‘hunt’.  At the end of our eventful day, Ramtin and Andrea, the chief druids lit a fire (with the help of an adult) and we all sat around, toasted our cold feet and shared the best bits of the day.  It was wonderful to see such smiley faces at the end of a long day, spent outside in such cold weather.  Well done everyone!IMG_0449[1]

Working together to build a tee-pee shelter.



Entering a Round-House at the Iron Age settlement.


It was quite dark inside the Round-House, but we were sheltered from the cold wind!


Learning how to build and weave a fence.


Team work to build a fence.


Step 1 in fence building: knock the sticks into the ground in a straight line, making sure they are spaced equally apart.


We can weave a fence!


Team work to build a fence.


Learning how to hunt with a ‘spear’ in the Iron Age.


We take our places.


We get ready.  …notice the snowy ground!


We “raaaahhhh” and throw!


We “raaaahhhh” and throw!  3WB were very loud with their target practice ”raaaaahhhs”!!!!!


The ‘hunt’ begins and the first team set off!


Stella’s target practice paid off and she is victorious with her catch!


How did Stella get the deer?  Which target skills did she implement?


Relaxing after the ‘hunt’ around the fire pit.


Ramtin the ‘chief druid’ works with Ian to make a fire.


The children are impressed that the fire starts despite the wet and snowy afternoon.


Keeping warm around the fire.


We talked about the best bits of the day.


Sharing our favourite events of the day.


“It might have snowed, it might have been freezing but we are strong Iron Age women and we keep smiling in the face of such extreme weather.”


“It might have snowed, it might have been freezing but we are strong Iron Age women and we keep smiling in the face of such extreme weather.”


“It might have snowed, it might have been freezing but we are strong Iron Age men and we keep smiling in the face of such extreme weather.”


“It might have snowed, it might have been freezing but we are strong Iron Age women and we keep smiling in the face of such extreme weather.”


It was great to see such happy, smiley faces at the end of the day.  Despite the weather conditions, we spent the whole day outdoors.  Nobody grumbled about the cold.  Everyone was fantastic! We have great spirits in 3WB  “raaaaaaahhhhh”


Pay As You Feel Cafe.

image image image image image image

Our 2nd ‘pay as you feel’ cafe was to raise money for Children in Need. We served pasta and mini pizzas, to a diverse and hungry clientele, followed by Sham’s Tiger cake and biscuits. It was a little chaotic but thanks go to everyone who stepped in to help out!

We raised £41.95 for Children in Need!!!



Have you ever wanted to create your own Stone Age, bone filled cave? If so, read on and your child will tell you how to make them!

If you can say it, then you can write it! Using the sketch plan, children said the instructions out loud, then we even sang the instructions! This helped children to learn new vocabulary and language structures.  All the hard work paid off and children wrote the most amazing set of instructions on their own.

IMG_0231[1] IMG_0233[1]

Although I filmed the class saying the instructions, the file seems to be too big to upload! As an alternative, you could ask your child to tell you how to make salt-dough bones or indeed they could sing them to you!